OC Club aims to cut plastic waste

The Old Cranleighan Club has joined the campaign to reduce the use of plastic packaging in 2018.

At the moment as many as ten sacks of plastic waste are collected from the club every week, with water and soft-drink bottles among the biggest culprits, and the hope is to substantially cut this. It also takes up far too much time to collect the casually discarded plastic bottles from the astroturf and its surrounds.

“We are committed to reducing the amount of single use plastic we utilise, especially throughout the season,” said JJ Griffin, the OC Club manager. “ This takes the form of plastic chip cups, straws, coffee cups and plastic cups for squash and alcoholic beverages.

“We’ll be looking at viable alternatives and have already started to utilise paper bags for the chips on Sundays. We would like to implement a discount for those who bring their own containers for tea and coffee as well as looking to reduce the amount of disposable coffee/tea cups we utilise. We hope to move to a paper straw supplier unfortunately these are quite a bit more expensive. All ideas are welcomed.”

A series of initiatives will be announced in the coming weeks and it is hoped that all users will do their bit to help.

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