Hall Of Fame

The idea of a Hall of Fame was John McDermott’s, and he unveilled it at the OCCC Dinner in April 2005. The basis of entry was to be service to the club over a long period and not purely statistical excellence.

The first two individuals admitted were Michael Chetwode and Martin Williamson. In 2006, three more former players were added – John Cooke, John McDermott and Nigel Paul (Click here for more information) and in 2007 Peter Shelley and Dick Heard, both former captains, were added (click here). In 2008 three more former captains were added – Colin White, David Bugge and Iain Wilkie (click here), and on his retirement as skipper Henry Watkinson became the 11th inducteeRick Johnson was elected in 2010 and was followed by Simon Copleston in 2013.

In 2018 Eds Copelston and Ed Henderson became the first new inductees for five years.

Michael Chetwode
Martin Williamson

John Cooke
John McDermott
Nigel Paul

Dick Heard
Peter Shelley

David Bugge
Colin White
Iain Wilkie
Henry Watkinson

Rick Johnson

Simon Copleston

Eds Copleston
Ed Henderson

March 19, 2021