Since the first major overseas tour to Antigua in 1997, the OCCC have travelled to Sri Lanka (1999), Kenya (2001), Australia (2003), India (2007), South Africa (2009) and Sri Lanka (2012). Each of the tours have included matches at major venues and involved tour parties as large as 33 as wives, girlfriends and all OCs, cricketers or not, have been made warmly welcome.

In addition, the club have taken part for a number of years in the Sarasota International Sixes in Florida over Thanksgiving weekend and travelled to Hong Kong for the international sixes tournament there. Most recently, in 2017 two matches were played in Malta as part of a joint hockey-squash-cricket tour.

Click below for details of the tours.  You can also find full tour statistics here.

Antigua 1997
Sri Lanka 1999
Kenya 2001
Australia 2003
India 2007
Zambia and South Africa 2009
St Lucia 2012
Malta 2018

April 3, 2019