About the OCs

The approximately 6000 members of the Old Cranleighan Society benefit from the wide variety of services on offer.

We produce an annual publication, The Old Cranleighan, which highlights the activities of the OC Society, its clubs and societies, and of individual Old Cranleighans, as well as keeping you in touch with life at the School. We also send a regular email newsletter, Contact. We also have various social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Cranleigh Network offers all Old Cranleighans advice and mentoring throughout university, into graduate recruitment and career development right through to potential career change in later life.

The Old Cranleighan office at the School helps co-ordinate more than a dozen reunions every year. These range from a golf day at the School to a reunion for the most recent leavers centred around the Gower Club match on Bluett’s to an outing for OCs who were in the armed forces to a dinner for OCs living in Australia. We host an annual dinner or drinks event most years, while Vickie Ingle, the full-time OC manager, is also available to help individual OCs run more targeted events, including decade reunions every year at the School on Speech Day.

We operate a full-time sports club based at Thames Ditton where we field three rugby and 13 hockey sides. We also have teams for cricket, golf, tennis, shooting and netball. We also encourage groups with similar interests to link up and this has resulted in a variety of societies which bring together like-minded OCs. These are not only enjoyable social occasions but also aim to help younger OCs who are starting out in their careers. At present these societies cover off the City, law, shipping, media, surveyors and adventurers, and we are always looking to expand the range of societies offered.

Finally, we work closely with the School to help ensure tickets for plays and concerts are available to OCs, as well as supporting the Foundation.

September 8, 2022