OC Surveyors’ Club

OC Surveyors’ Club
Paul Jackson, 39 St James’s Street, London SW1A 1JD
020 7408 1067 (office)

The OC Surveyor’s Society was formed some 40 years ago and I have been running it for the last 20 years or so.

The Society is open to all OC’s in the Property Business whether in the Commercial or Residential sectors. We have now in excess of 120 members and we meet annually for a reasonably priced buffet lunch in the West End of London and the next date is Friday 17th May 2013.

The Property World is very much a contact business and the purpose of the Society is for OC’s to network which is something a computer cannot do! As important, the other purpose of the Society is to support those OC’s looking for work while starting out in the profession or merely looking to improve their circumstances.

We have a database which is constantly updated with OC’s Surveyors’ full company and contact details and this list is available to all members from my office.

January 31, 2013