Old Cranleighan Lawyers’ Society

OC Lawyers’ Society
Alexi Dimitriou
email: Alexi.Dimitriou@ashurst.com

The Old Cranleighan Lawyers’ Society (“OCLS”) is exactly what it says on its metaphorical tin: a society of Old Cranelighans who work in the legal field. The objective of the OCLS is to act as a fun and informal forum for OC lawyers to meet up with each other annually and generally in London. It is also hoped that the OCLS will be beneficial to new graduates interested in the law by facilitating opportunities to meet experienced lawyers in an informal environment.

The OCLS has over 80 members, but we would love to see it grow further and welcome new members, whether qualified or aspiring lawyers in training. Any OCs who wish to join the OCLS, or would like to attend its next event, should contact Alexi Dimitriou at alexi.dimitriou@ashust.com. Alternatively, register on the OC Society Network (https://ocsociety.cranleigh.org/) and join the club there.

Previous OCLS events:
• Cranleigh School Careers days at Ashurst LLP (26 June 2012): Mark Lubbock (1&4 South, 1976), Partner at Ashurst, and Alexi Dimitriou, Senior Associate at Ashurst, hosted a number of the school’s sixth form students as part of their careers week to help provide an insight into life as a lawyer at a City law firm. The event included a talks by Mark, Alexi and two current Ashurst trainees, as well as a talk by Dominic Hammond (Cubitt, 2001), a former lawyer who now works at an investment management firm.

• Drinks reception (25 January 2012): The OCLS held its fourth drinks reception at Ashurst LLP’s London dining rooms on 25 January 2012 and it was well attended. Many of the usual suspects came along, with attendees ranging from law students to partners and barristers, a group of whom imbibed late into the evening.

• Drinks reception (22 September 2010): The OCLS’s third meeting was hosted by Stephen Nathan QC (Cubitt, 1965) at Blackstone Chambers on 22 September 2010 where Paul Maxlow-Tomlinson (2&3 South, 1949) gave a talk on the intriguing subject of the “The Headless Body Murder”.

• Drinks reception (1 February 2010): The OCLS held its second gathering at Ashurst LLP in London. Over 20 OC lawyers attended and David Westcott QC (2 North, 1975) gave a particularly informative and interesting talk on the Charities Act and its implications for Cranleigh School, after which the drinks reception went on into night.

• Drinks reception (24 March 2009): The OCLS met for its inaugural meeting at the Garrick Club in London, hosted by Paul Maxlow-Tomlinson (2&3 South, 1949). Sir Paul Coleridge (1&4 South, 1966) addressed the Society informally and applauded the concept of the Society saying how beneficial it would be, especially to aspiring lawyers among Cranleighans.

March 10, 2020