David Emms Memorial Service

David Emms paintingThe memorial for David Emms will be held at Cranleigh on Sunday, June 5 at 2pm.  David, who was headmaster between 1960 and 1970, died on December 21 at the age of 90.

“It is fitting that Cranleigh should remember one of its great Headmasters,” said Martin Reader. “Pam, John and other representatives of David’s family will be present. This memorial will be very much a Cranleigh Family service and an opportunity for those who knew him and those who benefitted from his legacy to celebrate his time at Cranleigh.

“The service will be followed by a tea in the Emms Centre atrium, the flagship building which is a lasting memorial to David’s leadership and the affection in which he is held. Old Cranleighans and families are warmly invited.”

Please would anyone who intends coming inform Vickie Ingle on vli@cranleigh.org  If you are a former chorister, or continue to sing and would like to join a choir to take part in the occasion, please let Mike Payne know on mkp@oldcranleighan.com.