OC multi-sport tour to the UAE in 2019

Following the success of the 2017 multisport tour to Malta, where the only blemish was by Mike Roper’s squash side,  we are pleased to announce plans for a second such trip, this time to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The dates will be in April to coincide with school and university holidays and will take in eight nights and, for those who actually work, five days’ holiday.  Eds is all over the accommodation and promises opulence at every turn, and partners and offspring are welcome.

Eds has secured a floodlit Twenty20 match at the Sharjah International Stadium (the ground has hosted 228 ODIs) and more top venues are in the pipeline. There will be four cricket, two hockey and two squash matches as well as ample opportunities to play golf for the more experienced tourists.  There will also be excursions, loads of beaches, good food and shopping and it is hoped there will be a good number of wives and girlfriends.

Perhaps most excitingly, Eds has been banned from having any input into the kit.

We already have more than 25 people committed and places are limited so please contact Eds (ecopleston@hotmail.com) for more information and to book your place.