During her time at Cranleigh Rachel Crampton (West 2004) made friends for life.

As a group they are in touch on at least a weekly basis although Rachel now lives in New South Wales, Australia.  She admits it is hard being so far away from family and friends, especially as many of them now have children and feels it is important to get back to the UK to visit as often as she can.  It was during one of these visits – to attend her brother’s wedding (Mike Kennedy, North 2008) – that she was faced with this problem of needing to fly across the world with three children under 4, solo. She needed a helper.

So now, as well as a full time job with  Australia’s largest mobile provider, she has recently taken the plunge and started her own business. The idea behind Juurnee is that it connects travellers who need help (perhaps with young children, anxious flyers, elderly, etc.) with those willing to be paid to give support on the same journey, everybody wins.

“Fingers crossed this means more of my Cranleigh girlfriends can come visit me over in Sydney.” she said. “I hope this helps some people travel, when they might have otherwise thought it not possible. If you come across my business please like it, share it or even better use it! I need some help with getting it going. And any other OCs who’ve also started their own businesses or are thinking about it, please get in touch, it would be great to connect and help one another out.”