Record attendance at Over 70 reunion

Over 70 Lunch. May 7 2017

A record number of OCs (70) and their wives made up a total of 116 at the Over 70s’ Reunion on Sunday May 7.

This is always a hugely enjoyable occasion, when OCs often meet long-lost contemporaries over drinks, followed by a really excellent lunch, a tour of the School and more reminiscing over tea. Thanks to Bill Braid (East 1956) who was the leader on the OC side, to Vickie Ingle and Jackie Batchelor for so much of the administration, and to our exceptional catering department for excelling themselves as they always do.

Martin Reader gave the most positive of updates about school successes and plans, and Bill about remarkable OC sporting successes in the past year.

The one sad note was remembering one of the legendary supporters of this and many other OC events, Derrick Carter-Clout (East, 1934-38), who died recently aged 96. This age will hopefully very soon be reached by Sunday’s oldest attendee, Lionel Scott (1&4 South, 1936-38).