OC Society donates scoring system to School

The OC Society and OC Cricket Club have donated a new high-tech cricket scoring system to Cranleigh School which will also allow all home and some away matches to be streamed live over the internet. OCCC Cricketer Cup games will also be streamed live.

The first match to be publically scored and broadcast live on YouTube was the game against the Old Cranleighans on June 28.

In recent years the scores of all 1st XI School matches have been available online but changes to the software this season meant this service was no longer possible. Discussions between Martin Williamson, the OC Society chairman, and Stuart Welch, the director of cricket, outlined the School’s requirements. The scoring system is the first part with a sophisticated tracking system to follow. The OC Society and the OC Cricket Club agreed to finance the initial system in full.

“This system is another step in improving and developing our cricket programme here at Cranleigh,” Welch said,” and it is fantastic that the link and support from the OC’s remains as strong as ever.”

“We are delighted to be able to help Cranleigh cricket in this way,” Williamson said. “It’s another sign of the ongoing support the Old Cranleighans are pleased to be able to provide to the School.”

The scoring system in action during the School v OCCC match