How can we help?

As the global community responds to the coronavirus we want to share with you some ideas about how we hope to help Old Cranleighans through the lockdown. The OC office will continue to operate although some services will be restricted as we will all be working from home. Updates etc will be posted on the website and via social media.

Risk Groups
We invite you to contact us if you need any assistance and we will do what we can to find OCs in your area who are willing and able to offer assistance. Even if you just want to get in touch with other OCs for a chat …

Other initiatives
We are developing ideas and working on ways of doing this that can be practised while we are socially isolating or in lockdown. These will be advertised on the website.

As local areas put together structured volunteering groups for ‘shielding’ and other things, we will be sharing information about this as it becomes available to us. Again, please do get in touch to make us aware if you know what is happening in your area.

Job opportunities
For OCs who have had their gap years interrupted, we will be posting news stories about companies we are aware of who are offering work at the moment, and if you are an OC with a business that can offer such work, please do either contact us and we will put something up for you, or you can post directly yourself (

Please contact the OC office if we can help in any way.