An alternative marathon for the NHS

April 26th was supposed to be the day the London Marathon took place with a record entry of 25 Old Cranleighans among the 40,000 competitors.

With the event postponed until early October (to the frustration of many and the relief of a few) one of those who should have been taking part, Caileigh Faure (South 2015), has launched a Virgin Money page to raise funds for the NHS with the idea that groups run the Marathon distance wherever they can.

“As a family, household or team, either in the same place or in different places/countries, you can choose how to split up the 26 mile/42 km distance as you like over the weekend of the 25th-26th of April,” she explained. “This is just meant to be a bit of fun, a means of getting people outside/exercising, enjoying endorphins and working as a team. Our family is going to split up the distance and do it as a relay but I’ve spoken to some families with people based all over the world that are planning to run a leg and do a virtual relay.

“The run is to be achieved within the current government guidelines during lockdown, so could be completed in your house, garden or as your daily exercise.”

Caileigh recommends a donation of £1 a mile for each group entering. “I thought that it would be a nice way of doing something challenging and using our energy to show our appreciation for the heroes working day and night to keep up us all safe.”

If you take part in this then please send any photos to Caileigh via her Virgin Money page.

I do hope you join us, as it would mean so much to me.