House names

Just off Stocklund Square in Cranleigh – behind the Sainsbury’s car park to be more exact – one of the many new housing developments has recently been completed. The Berkeley Homes Litchwood project has a variety of houses on offer, and the majority of them have been named after an eclectic mix of Old Cranleighans.

Pride of place goes to the (David) Westcott, a one-off five-bedroom affair at a fraction under £900,000. The (Jim) Swanton, the (Julia) Ormond, and the (Patrick) Marber, all also five-bedroom houses, sit near the top of the range at between £850,000 and £885,000. At the bottom end of the scale are the (William) Abney, the (Tony) Anholt and the (Hugh) Blaker, all over £750,000 even though they are three-bedroom houses.

The (Eric) Fellner and the (Adam) Holloway sit in the mid-range, while one of the most expensive is the (Vezey) Rafferty, a gentleman who might be flattered to warrant inclusion given his main claim to fame was one first-class cricket game for Minor Counties v the New Zealanders in 1931. At the other end of the scale Hudson Kearly, the first OC to elevated to the House of Lords, has to make to with a very ordinary four-bedroom box. Lord Devonport, as he became, has the consolation of a Speech Hall named after him.