Climbing 529 mountains

During the recent Long Leave, Dr Simon Young (MCR 1993-) completed his seven-year task of climbing all of Britain’s mountains over 3000 feet.

“For no particular reason other than ‘why not?’, in 2014 I decided to try and climb all 529 of Britain’s mountains over 3000 feet in height. This led to an amazing journey taking me to many wonderful summits; given me some great views and an incredibly variety of weather.

“The Natural History, Geology and landscape I have travelled through has been truly inspiring challenging me both physically and mentally. It has certainly pushed my navigation and mountaineering skills; particularly as the majority of the mountains were climbed solo. At 1pm on Thursday October 28th I topped out on Carn Dearg above Loch Ossian in the Central Highlands completing the journey.

“Time spent in the hills is a wonderful antidote to our hectic modern lives. If you would like to ensure everyone has access to wild places in the future and to the mental health benefits of our mountains, I would be most grateful if you would consider supporting two outstanding charities, Mind over Mountains and the John Muir Trust.”

Click here for Simon’s fund-raising page